Why I love Foggy morning and life in fog

Every season has its importance, its beauty. This time let me talk about winters. 
Chai, coffee, bonfires, Rum (jo bhula de gum), Jackets, shoes, socks, heaters, hot water to bath (or may be let's leave bath for 2-3 days), sitting under the sun, and sometimes FOG...
Yes, I admit, I love the fog of winters. Why? 
Because we can't see clearly in it. Through eyes, we send ourselves as far as we can to this outer world. But, in fog, we can't see anything. Suddenly our territory is just "US."  For me, it's a treat that existence gives to us. 
So every winter's whenever there is fog, I enjoy it, I walk in it. It's like a love affair with myself. Everything is so unclear, like kids. Do you know why kids seem happy? Because they possess so little knowledge. I love fog for this reason. There is so little knowledge in it. 
Some photos I clicked during this winter of my village. If anybody wants them in full resolution, do let me know. They are for sale :) Contact me at my Insta account.