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Video of Khimsar village

After our hectic schedule of Jawai Bandh, where I broke a few of my bones while driving in that rocky jungle (kidding), our next destination was kind of opposite to it.
We started from Jawai Bandh in the early morning after having our breakfast. Passing through those rocky hills, which I won't forget for a lifetime, we all enjoyed the road trip.
At last, we reached a small town called Khimsar.

About Khimsar
The main attraction is the Khimsar Fort which was built in 1523 AD by Rao Karamsji. Today some portion of the fort is converted into a luxurious hotel that provides royal Rajput hospitality.
But we were not interested in the fort. We were more interested in the resort known as Khimsar village.

(Khimsar fort)
My Experience
This resort is just 5 kms away from the fort, and I was stunned by the first view of it. If I say that Sand dunes are pretty much fake here, it would be too harsh for this place. Please do not compare it with Jaisalmer, where you can see the natural form of it.
However, this place can give you a flavour of Jaisalmer.
We were transported inside the resort by a camel cart. As we entered, the first thing I noticed and wondered was the man made oasis, which was surrounded by huts and lush green trees. Ongoing close to the small pond, I also saw beautiful ducks and small fishes which makes this place more alive. It is all brilliantly done here.

(Khimsar village entrance)

(Man made oasis)

(Ducks and fishes in Oasis)
Huts seems made of mud, but as we moved inside to our double-storied mansion, rooms are pretty good and surely going to give you a 5-star feeling. It is a mixture of both the modern and ancient world. Contemporary in terms of equipment and Ancient in terms of household items and some artwork, purely of Rajasthani touch.

(Our Room)
But who wants to sit in the room. It was already mid-day. We had our small lunch and started exploring this little place that does not have much to offer. You can do a camel ride here or walk in the dunes. Just relax.
In the evening, we had our high tea at the hut, which is at the top of the dune and watched an incredible sunset.

(Sand dunes of Khimsar village)

(Aerial view of tis resort)

(Camel ride)

(Evening and high tea)
Rajasthan is known for its temperature fluctuation, and in late evening temperature suddenly reduced, and that made us wear our jackets. When lightened up, this place looked phenomenal. Again, very nicely done.
Dinner and services were excellent. There was a variety of veg and non-veg dishes.

(Late evening)

(Night here)
The morning is equally beautiful here. We woke up before the sunrise. It was calm and refreshing, which also hushed my inner chatter. Breakfast was again delicious, and it was also our time to move to our next destination.

(Morning view)

How to reach
By Flight - Nearest airport is in Jodhpur. Just 90 km away from here.
By Buses - There are regular buses from the various important cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Bikaner, which takes you till Naguar. From Naguar, you have to hire a taxi.
By train - Nearest railway station is at Nagaur.
So this is all about Khimsar Village. I will be back with some another destination very soon, for now stay at home and stay blessed.
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