Thamel - The most happening place in Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu - A city of temples, capital of Kingdom of Nepal, a city for the gateway for Mount everest trek and the city of warm hearted people.
After coming back from Everest base camp trek, we stayed here for few more days to explore Kathmandu and our stay was onnce again at Thamel. So late me start with THAMEL.
Thamel - The most happening place of the city and a traveler's hub. Its an area with dancing energies, basically the best place to stay if you are heading for any trek in Nepal. 
The web streets covrered with 1000s of shops and sells everything you'll need for treks in mountains and in night Thamel really awaken. The cheerful bars, casino, open restaurants, roof tops, live bands, I feel Thamel can be included in best travel night spots in the world.
If you want a sophisticated evening or a wild night of dancing and shots, Thamel has it all. It is the biggest and best entertainment place in Kathmandu.
And I would like to thanks once again to the wonderful staff of Holy lodge hotel, where we stayed.
(streets of Thamel)
(streets of Thamel in evening)

(Roof top)

(Live band)

(Thamel - A perfect place to stay)
(At Holy lodge hotel)
1.) How to reach Kathmandu
Kathmandu have its own Interenational Airport - Tribhuvan international airport. 
2.) Best time to Visit
October to April
3.) Best way to see Kathmandu
Taxi, local buses, but the best one is to hire a scootie
4.) Sites to see in Kathmandu 
a) Stay at Thamel
b) Pashupatinath temple
c) Swambhunath stupa
d) Boudhnath
e) Bhaktapur
f) Patan

So this was all about Thamel, see you in my next blog Pashupatinath temple. If you liked the video, than please subscribe the channel and if you have any query, feel free to contact me anytime :)