Shri Kedarnath dham yatra - All about Kedarnath trek - Episode 2

(Video for Kedar trek)

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It was our Day 3 (25th October, 2019) of this trip and at 6am we started our trek to Shri Kedarnath dham from Gaurikund.

How to reach Shri Kedarnath dham
1.) Helicopter
There are few options to reach Kedharnath dham and one of which is Helicopter which I told you in previous blog. It was like you can catch the same from Village Phata and can cost you Rs. 7000/- (approx).

(Helicopter service)
Apart from this there are 4 options by which you can also enjoy Scenic beauty which comes during the trek.
2.) By Pony / Mules
The first one and very popular is to take Pony/mule ride which can cost you around 2500/-3000/- from Gaurikund and they take on 4-5 hrs. Pony and mules also available on the way like from Bhimbhari, Jungle chhati etc. 

(Pony/mule service at Gaurikund)

3.) Palki
Next is Palki or doli which is like Palanquin service cost Rs. 4000-4500/-.

(Palki service at Gaurikund)

4.) Sling carrier
Then comes Sling carrier rides which cost around rs. 3000/-. Both palki and sling carriers are popular amount old age people and kids.
Now the cost I had mentioned here are in Approx figure and for ONE WAY RIDE only.

(Sling carrier service at Gaurikund)
The last and best from rest way is to take Bus no. 11, I mean use your own legs, which we used in this trek.
All about trek 
Now let's talk about the trek. First of all, it is difficult and is 16km long now due to the new route (after 2013 flood). At the same time is very well made and the trek route is as shown in picture.
Frankly I won't say it a trek. Actually, it is a well maintained path. And with lot of ponies with there shit.
We found the only Tea stall at 2.5 km from Gaurikund, may due to the off season. And at Jungle chatti, which is like 4 km from Gaurikund, one can have something to eat. In between, I saw many hoardings showing ATM coming soon at Kedarnath dham. Hopefully in 2020.
We saw many sweepers also which were given the task to clear the trek for 1 km. Just to clear the shit of Ponies/mules. Yes, you going to smell horse shit all along the trek.

(View from Gaurikund)

(Sweepers all the way)
Bhimbali is now a major spot now and it is 6 km from Gaurikund. Here you can also have free wifi and lot's of dhabas to eat food. Food is very simple here. Don't expect much. "Daal roti khao aur prabhu k gun gao"
After Bhimbali there used to be a place called Rambara.
Now there are two routes just after Bhimbali. First is the new route which is kind of long and Ponies/mules go from there and 2nd is the old route which reach to the Rambara spot and old bridge. We decided to from the old route
If anybody saw the Movie "Kedarnath", then you know what I am talking about. Ramabara used to be the biggest spot and almost at the center of the trek. But now, due to 2013 flood, everything is destroyed. Nothing left except the old bridge. I had goosebumps there. The way mountain was cut down, it was so scary. I was imagining the kind of flood came there, how river swept the whole small village in just few minutes. Pheeew!

(At Bhimbali)

(Used to be Ramabara, but now everything is lost)
Anyway, we kept on moving and after this old bridge trek is kind of difficult. It is all steep now. But, thanks to God there are now many tea stalls, lemon water, cucumber stalls and I suggest to drink lot water while trekking.
On the way we met an Army personal, who suggested us to take a short cut and that's where Sharad leg get twisted.
By this our speed of trekking went very slow and I forced him to sit on a mule so distance can be covered quickly. and no further injury happen and at this point still 5 km of trek was left and I was now walking alone and of-course super tired.

(Selfie time with Solid man)

(Sharad on horsy)

But the trek is super beautiful. I was tired but by and now I kept seeing the play of nature. Suddenly, out of nowhere clouds ran towards the trek and it started raining. I stopped at some shade and when rain stopped it started snowing.
I reached to Sharad who was waiting for me at Mule point. These mules can't go till Kedarnath temple. They are stopped 2 km before it. Good or bad. I think both. By this point, it get so clear how the new and old route parted. Old one was on the different mountain.
The last 2 km was extremely difficult for me but as I saw the kedarnath temple I felt like some energy started spraying on me. This place has its own charm, the force I cannot explain you in words. It was like I was not breathing just air but the whole lot of something else which make me light and infusing me with huge amount of energies.
Kedarnath base camp was the first thing we noted here and I heard it from someone that this is the best place to stay here. But we kept on moving as I planned to stay just near the temple.

(Beautiful view)

(The last two kilometers)

We reached at Kedarnath temple around 5 pm and it took us roughly 10 hrs which I know is too much. The way I was tired now I was not and my eyes were moist. My MOM is argent devotee of Lord Shiva and somehow I too have love for him. THIS TRIP I DEDICATE TO MY LOVING MAA.
There are many hotels and lodges around Kedarnath temple but 90% of them were closed. So we do not had options but to book whatever is opened and quickly booked a lodge for us and went back straight to the temple area where bhajans were started and doors of temple were opened. It was heavenly to be there.
My eyes were moist all the time for the reason I don't know and one again I would repeat here that gravity was no longer pulling me down and all the time I felt like I was flying.
Today when my mind is here while working on this blog, I feel all such thing happened to me for 2 reason. 1st - I was surely at a place which is a powerhouse and 2nd I was able to drank all those energies because I have trust in him, I love him for what he had given to the humanity and to me.
Evening Aarti started and all devotees gathered around the Shri Kedarnath and by that time snow also started. Yes, at that time it was like -3 degree there.
There was only one dhaba which was still alive where we had our dinner with whatever lovingly they were serving.

(Jai shri Kedarnath)
Day 4th (October 26, 2019)
We slept around 8pm and I woke up at 4am when the temperature dropped to -5 degree. I clicked few pictures at that time and in morning after the day break we both went inside the temple for darshan and paid our respect to Lord Shiva by doing all the rituals which was told to us by the priest.

Brief history of Shri Kedarnath dham
Now let me tell you a brief history of this place.
Kedar is another name of Lord Shiva and legend says that after battle of Kurukshetra, Pandava who had killed their kins searching for lord for his blessings to atone their sins. But Lord Shiva do not wanted to see them and so he flees away from kedarnath in form of bull. He dived into the ground & left his hump behind. Inside the temple it is not Shivling you going to see but a conical protrusion.
There is no recorded date when this temple was built, some says it from the era of Mahabharat and Pandavas built it and some says it was made by Sage Shri Adi Shankracharya in 8th centuary A.D
Inside the temple you also going to see idols of five Pandavs and Dhraupadi.
We roamed around the temple and went to the back side of it. Saw the big bolder which protected temple in 2013 flood it its miraculous way and this is also the site where shri Adi Shankaracharya went in to Samadhi. This area still shows the story of devastation that happened here.

(Kedarnath temple in morning)

(Kedarnath temple in morning)

(The bolder which protected the temple)
Other sites 
Other sites which you can see here are Chorabari lake (also called as Gandhi lake) which is now dried up which is like 4km from the temple. Vasuki tal which is like 7 km. We were not able to go there because there was no guide available and to go Vasuki tal one definitely need it.
The small cave where our Prime minister shri Narendra damodar das Modi done his meditation BEFORE 2019 elections. There there is Bhaironath temple which was also closed in this time.
It was a bright sunny day and just behind the temple we also saw Kedarnath peak and other peaks of the range and it was also divine.
After spending some moments with sadhus and devotees there, it was our time to return back to home. Sharad was not well and I understood he was going into lot of pain because of his twisted leg but at the same time he denied to take pony ride. We came down slowly for this reason and it took roughly 5 hours to reach to Gaurikund.

Day 5 (October 27, 2019)

We took halt at Augustyamuni town and on our day 5 that is on 27th october we celebrated Diwali at our home.

(with sadhus)


(Jai shri Kedarnath)

(Diwali at home)


Message -
* Please don't litter. The more we keep clean our countries the more we enjoy it.
* Avoid using Plastic bags and bottles. Make awareness to your friend circle as well.
How to reach Kedarnath -
1.) Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun at a distance of nearly 250 kilometres from Kedarnath is the nearest airport to Kedarnath.
2.) Take bus. Both private and government buses are available.
3.) Taxi or your own car
Best time to come to Kedarnath
Trek opens in mid May till Diwali (October or November). May and June are the season time where 5000 people comes everyday. However, I suggest you to come near Diwali time. Though it going to be very cold at this time.

Different options to reach/trek to Kedarnath
1.) Helicopter
2.) Pony/Mule
3.) Palki
4.) Sling carriers
5.) Just trek of your own