Mystical Tanot mata temple, Jaisalmer

From Longewala war memorial, Tanot Mata temple is just 50km away and from Jaisalmer it is 120km. It is also very near to the border.
There is an interesting story about this temple.
This temple was build in the 8th century.
It has believed that Goddess Tanot is another form of Hinglaj goddess. It has also been believed that she took the form of Goddess Karni. (Karni mata temple of Bikaner)
Tanot Mata temple
During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistan Army attacked Tanot temple. It has said, 3,000 bombs were fired towards the temple. However, non exploded.
During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, Tanot temple was attacked again by the Pakistani army, but that time the attacking tanks got bogged down in the sand, allowing the Indian Air Force to destroy them.
It has believed that Goddess Tanot protects this village and inside the temple, unexploded bombs were kept for display.
Tanot Mata
Unexploded bombs
After the war of 1971, BSF requested to temple authority for its charge and from that time till today, BSF looks after it.
It was already mid-day and at that time when I reached, Aarti was going inside the temple.
After Aarti, everybody maintained the social distance and visited Goddess Tanot, and this time I also went to bow my head.
Aarti time
Every place has its tradition like in some temples, bells are given, in some threads are tied, I have seen in some countries locks are lock up and here, they tie handkerchief.
Tie Handkerchief here
The right time to come here is in winter. That is from November till March.
The nearest airport, railway station, and bus stations, all are at Jaisalmer.
I hope you like this blog. Will come back with some other destination very soon. Until then have a wonderful time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions while traveling.