Longewala war memorial, Jaisalmer

(Video for longewala post)
Since we were in Jaisalmer and stayed at Khuri so we thought to see some other places near to it. We went to see Longewala post.
Longewala post is kept as an open war memorial. In the war of 1971, the first attack of Pakistani forces on the western region of India was this post, though they lost heavily.
Longewala war memorial
Under the commandership of Major Kuldip Singh, just 120 Indian soldiers stopped 3000 Pakistani tank regiment for the full night until they get air support in the morning.
Maybe you guys not understand it just reading this blog or seeing my youtube or Border film in your comfortable environment. I urge you to come here and feel the energy of Indian soldiers who protected our Motherland then and they do the same today.
Major Kuldip singh
I came here after 2 and a half years and to be frank, I got a goosebump in both of my visits.
This post is roughly 20-25 km away from the Border. I hope you are getting my point that Pakistani forces came this much inside Indian territory. However, Kuldip Singh and other officers intelligently buried some anti-tank mines in this area. Due to which some of the 
Pakistani tanks were destroyed too. These mines are still there and the military had put barriers so nobody can go beyond the region.For display they kept a destroyed Pakistani tank there.
Site of Mines
Destroyed Pakistani tank as display
If you watch this site more closely, you will get to know how Indian forces worked that time. They had made ditch during the war and our soldiers stayed at their position in it. This ditch is going to the top of that hill. Some bunkers were also built. Border film justified this war. Must watch it.
ditches they made 
If I compare to my previous visit, this place now is much developed. Not many tourists are here as traveling is a stop for now.
The right time to come here is in winter. That is from November till March.
The nearest airport, railway station, and bus stations, all are at Jaisalmer.
I hope you like this blog. Will come back with some other destination very soon. Until then have a wonderful time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions while traveling.