Life of A Mango Traveler after Lockdown

(Video on it)



Lockdown is over but, life still not dancing, not singing, the way it used to do. Traveling is all stop, and we all know that this industry is most affected due to this pandemic disease and due to which other sectors are also not in good shape.
But, life means to move on, and as A Mango Traveler and I too can't stop. After lockdown, and infusing courage in myself and with all possible precautions, I started moving.
First, I met with my friends and was so happy after seeing there faces that I can't describe in words. I wished to see my other friends too, but they live in different states, so it is not possible for some time or better to say, I need more courage to travel outside my home city and staying at various places.

(Friends meet after lockdown)
I would have introduced you all to my motorcycle in April, but now I am doing it.  At the end of January, I had purchased a second-hand motorcycle "Thunderbird" 500cc. I named it "Balbira" It was one of my old dream of 2007 to travel the whole of India by motorcycle. I don't know when it will happen, but finally, I purchased it. I must say this is a powerful bike.
In February, I installed accessories in it like Ladakh carriers. The plan was a solo trip in April, but it did not happen.

(My Balbira)
So during the early days of Unlock phase 1, I started going out on my "Balbira" and with few friends and younger brother. 
I went to see Runakta. It is just 15 km from Agra. I don't know how many people know, but this place is the birthplace of Lord Parashuram. There is Shani dev temple also, but everything is closed so far. We used to sit at the ghats of Yamuna, watched so many beautiful Sunrise.  
I also went to see Kailash temple in Agra, which is near the ghats of Yamuna (near Sikandra, Agra). It is opened and will write about it in detail very soon.


(Kailash temple)
There was one more dream which I watched in the year 1995 and that gets fulfilled in June 2020. In June, we all witnessed a Solar eclipse. This eclipse was just like the same as I saw in 1995. At that moment, I don't have a camera, but I wanted to capture it. This time  I finally recorded it :) 

(Kailash temple)
Apart from all, I also took full part in Harvijay's sir Haryali Utsav. Every year he distributes more than 1000 saplings. A work that I always praised. This time, the Photographers club of Agra also took part. We distributed saplings to many places in Agra, nearby villages of Agra, School, colleges, even we went to Tundla. 
A little bit of social activity I think we should do in which we feel good. By doing it, we get connected with all. We don't feel like islands, it feels like an important part of the mainland.

(Haryali utsav with Harvijay sir)
Neowise comet also passed near to our Earth. I saw thousands of photographs on Instagram. In India, I only saw photos of my big brother Amit Vakil, who clicked them from his town Chamba. Though it was very challenging to him too because of monsoon in India. Here, with the Adventure team of Agra, I too tried my best to see it, to record it, but unfortunately, due to clouds, I could not see it. Now this comet will pass Earth after 6800 years. I am sincerely thinking to see it from some different planet :P 

(Neowise comet. Shot by Amit Vakil sir from Chamba)

(Adventure team of Agra)
I also celebrated Rakshabandhan. I gave a surprise to my sister, who lives in Gwalior. I went there with my Balbira. It was fun and was my first longest ride ever after lockdown.

On world photography day, the Photographers club of Agra planned for Bhangarh fort visit. It was so amazing to see all the members there. It was fun, but at the same time very tiring. Detailed blog I will make on this fort very soon.

(Photographers club of agra on World photography day August 19, 2020)

(Photographers club of agra on World photography day August 19, 2020)

(Photographers club of agra on World photography day August 19, 2020 at Bhangarh fort)
So the point is, these are difficult times, but we need to remain sane. Go out, but go to places where you know that there will be fewer crowds.  Soon I will be bringing many blogs for the places I am seeing.
In the end, I want to say to all of you to have a good time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions.