Ladakh road trip blog - Agra to Jispa - Chapter 1

(Video for Ladakh road trip - Day 1&2 - Chapter 1)
I always search for such places where I can say "Journey is more beautiful than destination" and Ladakh... Ladakh is mother of such regions in India. A dream place for riders, Photographers and trekkers. It is such a place where you only want to be on roads all the time. So, this time let me take you all to this beautiful, musical, mystical, magnetic land of lamas...

(My well known thirst to go to remote places)

(Roads of ladakh)
We started our Road trip to Ladakh from Agra (August 25, 2019) and we planned to reach Manali on our Day 1, Sarchu on our Day 2 and on Day 3 at Leh - the capital of newly formed Union territory Ladakh (Earliar it was the part of Jammu Kashmir state). In total we have to cover 1250 km in 3 days of which 760 km we need to drive in mountains, however, the plan didn't went that way, and the primary reason was we stopped 100s of time just to film the locations and the roads we passed through. Second reason was traffic, rain and ofcourse bad conditions of roads.

(With these two... it was always a jaw hurting moments :D)

(The priority to come back with as much information as we can by photography)

(somewhere in Chandigarh)
So our first stop changed to Mandi which is roughly 100 km beofore Manali. We quicly booked our Hotel around 9pm (when we reached here), and slept quickly after having our Dinner. Mandi was not in list and so we did not looked back to cover it. Hopefully in near future will cover it.

(Plan changed)
It was early in morning around 5am when we left Mandi. It was our Day 2 (August 26, 2019). It started raining hard and our speed was slow. This year there were lot of landslide happened and we saw all the devastation that happened. While passing through, Kullu, we saw how roads were gone destroyed due to sudden flood that happened here. On 18-19 August, 2019 there was continuous rain for 36 hrs in this area. God know if it due to change in climate or just bad engineering.
At the same time, Kullu seems so fantastic in rainy season. I will soon be coming here in this season.
(Morning in Mandi)

(bad roads of Kullu)

(Beautiful kullu)
Anyway, we crossed Manali after having our breakfast and then stuck at Rohtang Manali highway and remain stuck there for One and half hours. I personally was desperate to reach Sarchu, but as time was ticking, I was getting sure that we will not reach there. 

(Crossing Manali)
(Crossing Manali)
(Stuck in jam)
(Stuck in jam)
As soon as traffic got cleared, and we made progress in journey, we encountered a check post name Gulabo where we shown our valid documents. To reach or to pass Rohtang top, one need a valid permit for here which can be now obtained via online Himachal pradesh website. Please be careful in filling the required columns in it. If you have any doubts, just call the helpline no. they given.
Manali Rohtang higway is very beautiful. We saw so many waterfalls, everywhere it was green and lively. We were running in clouds literally. All of us were awestruck and I knew it was just the starting. 
(Beautiful Manali Rohtang Highway)
(Beautiful Manali Rohtang Highway)
(Beautiful Manali Rohtang Highway)
(Beautiful Manali Rohtang Highway)
(Beautiful Manali Rohtang Highway)
We reached rohtang quite late as roads were in bad conditions and traffic was terrible. It was around 1 pm when we reached here (though accroding to our plan we should reached to Jispa). I knew very well, now it going to be long day once again. Crossing Rohtang top from Manali is still an easy job to do, the real challange comes afterwards. If I had mentioned roads were in bad conditions before, frankly I was wrong, they were still good. Actually, the moment we crossed Rohtang top, roads were at their worst conditions. 
And we were driving Honda city car. YES. I took my Honda city there. Driving slowly, safely and patiently is the key to cross any bad patches and we did the same without harming our car and us.
By the way I named my car. I call it - DHANNO :D
(Rohtang La)

(workers trying their best to construct road)

(worst roads after Rohtang la)
At Keylong you will find the last petrol pump. From here till Leh that is in a distance of 350km and that too in mountains there is no petrol pump. So make sure, your vehicle tanks are full.

(somewhere in mountains - Shot by Kuldip)
We decided to stay at Jispa that day, as I avoid to drive in mountains in night time. Quickly booked a Hotel named Pang Jispa, it is indeed a good option to stay. Behind it, river... flows and Jispa is so amazing. Though Sun already went to it's abode to have rest from our world, but still it rays were shining on mountains and clouds were floating around mountains as they were in love with them. So we decided to do so photography at river side area, made few timelaps and long exposure shots.

(Again plan changed)

(Evening at Jispa)
After quenching our thirst of photography, we again were ready to have some rest and get ready for next day travel.
So this is all about our Day 1 and 2. I call it Chapter 1 of Ladakh road trip. More chapters of this trip going to come. I hope you liked the video and content of this blog. If you still need any information. Just msg. me at Insta or Fb. I'll be glad to help you. And wait, do subscribe my youtube channel. In next chapter will reach to Leh after crossing the 4 High passes. Until then, have a wonderful time.