How I managed my Spiti Valley trip in just 13K by my vehicle


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I hope everybody is safe and sound. Coronavirus had stopped our lives.
The country is open, but we still cannot freely move from one state to another, especially for travel purposes. States like Himachal Pradesh & Goa asking for a negative report of Coronavirus, if you wish to go there and stay there for more than five days. And you also have to fill the state govt. online forms.
Too many restrictions. 2020 is not a year for traveling.
Anyway, Business is also down, and I am having a lot of time nowadays. So, I thought to make a Blog on a question on how I manage to travel and what expanse I do in it.

Business is down...And I am having free time
First thing first, TIME. It is precious.
You can learn a lot if invested in this 4th dimension in the right direction.
And to tackle this problem, to take out time from a busy schedule of work, I invented various methods in which staying at the office for a longer period is just one strategy. I feel everybody can search for some technique according to their routine.

The second thing is Money.
See I am a Mango traveler (just a common traveler), but I prefer my vehicle to travel. It gives me control and freedom, you know, like to make turn anywhere, stay somewhere for whatever time I want.
In this episode, I am going to talk about my Spiti trip expenditure. It was the 9 days sharing trip, where my cousin came with me and we took the Shimla route because I went in April. The Manali route was closed.

Spiti Valley

When we travel, there are three major expenses.
Stay, Transportation, and Food.
1.) Stay
I try my best to stay in guest houses, homestays, and small hotels for a simple reason that it helps the locals a lot.
On average, we paid Rs. 1200/- per night on our stay.
And we stopped at Shimla for 1 night, Kalpa 2 night, Nako Village 2 nights and Kaza 2 nights.

Guest house location in Nako Village :D (I miss it - Lake view hotel)
2.) The second expanse is - Fuel
My car is fitted with CNG kit, it pollutes less, and it gives a whopping average of 28 km per kg. So, out of 2200 km road journey, 700 km we ran on CNG and rest 1500 km on petrol since there is no CNG station on mountains. Still, in total, we paid just Rs. 9000/- for fuel.

CNG kit in my Car
3.) The Third expense is - Food.
Again in such regions, I try to eat with locals, sometimes whatever is made in homestays or guesthouses and some times on roadside dhabas. On average, our daily food expense was roughly Rs. 500/- per head only.
I am not a shopaholic, and trekking on mountains is free, so no other expenses.
Now let's total it

Total expense
per head, it comes to Rs. 13200 only.
If you use local transport like travel by bus for this place. I feel you can enjoy your 10 days in just Rs. 10000/- per head, if go on a sharing basis.
I hope you like the blog and video, will be back with something soon until then have a wonderful time. Stay safe and take you all possible precautions.

Spiti Valley Memories

with Shri Ram Lal Markanda at Village Komic (Cabinet Minister for Agriculture on my visit of 2018)
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