How I cured my Insomnia (7 tips) and understanding the brain network

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Recently I have been asked how I managed to cop out from my 20 years of Insomnia.In this blog, I am going to talk about the most common problem in today's generation.

But before that, I want you all of you to understand how our mind works. So fasten your seat belt, we are diving into the brain network.
I liked the idea of Mr. Daniel Kshneman, who wrote this book called Thinking fast and slow. He divided the mind into two states. He called it system 1 and system 2.

System 1 is your robotic side, like you driving your car or bike and you don't know when you changed the gear. You hear a particular sound pitch of your vehicle and, you changed it. And all the while you could be thinking of something else or talking with somebody.
But to become robotic, first, you learned it and this is where system 2 comes in. It gathers all the information for things that you do, again and again, and it feeds to system 1, which then makes a Program for you, so that particular work which you are learning with a lot of concentration gets easy. When the program ready, you don't need to concentrate the way you did while learning. 
The question can arise in your mind that why our brain wants less concentration? Why it wants to make things robotic. 
The scientist has researched that when we try to learn something new, we need more energy.
and, if we are not taking enough glucose while learning a new thing, Our brain starts extracting energies by breaking proteins which means, our brain starts eating its own body.
Do you get tired when you learn something new? A tip, learn it with a glass of glucose. It does not means you start drinking glucose after every half n hour. Or else one day I will make blog on diabetes :D

(when body start eating itself)
Ok back to the topic. so brain makes such programming so less glucose is needed and things go automatically. 
Another question can pop up in your mind. How many days it takes to make a program permanently. According to researches, it is said that it takes roughly 21 days to make a foolproof program. In common language, we call it HABIT.
I hope you are getting my point. 
Consciously or unconsciously we somewhere make a program, to destroy or to build happy ourselves. 
maybe you took a late-night cinema ticket, maybe you planned late parties with friends, late-night office work, late-night studies, too much caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. When you do such activities regularly, this information goes to system 1 and it happily made a program for you that without such activities or things you can't live.
Most of the insomniac cases come in this category and this is good news. It means it can be changed. 
Yes, it is difficult and can take a long time. It is an arduous job to delete one program and to write another
. It is like I am asking you to unlearn driving or swimming. But don't worry, it is possible. 
So here are my 7 tips which I used to change my time table and to have a good deep sleep.
1.) First is to Make up your mind - How important is for you to get a good sleep and to wake up at the right time. I started teaching my system 1 that how important it is for me. It is a matter of life and death. I kept on educating myself. I started reading all the good things about having good sleep and how good it is to wake up in the morning. I kept on reminding myself.

(Teaching myself)
2.) second - Exercise. The best way to get good sleep is to make your body tired. So I started small exercises, like running, brisk walking, a bit of weight lifting, and then later I chose a creative way of it by Gardening. I started giving 30 minutes daily to my terrace garden. Water the plants, changing the pots, changing the location of the pots etc. 

3.) Third - This was the most difficult one I took. I started waking up at 5 am. Even if I slept at 3 am, I used to wake up at 5 am. I found my health deteriorate rapidly because of it. Then I stopped doing it, again I started, again I stopped. For a year I did this experiment. Sometimes I didn't sleep for straight 24 hrs, then 48 hrs, then 72 hrs. I agree it was hell. But I kept on doing it. For 1 year I did this experiment. On and off. For 1 week I used to wake up at 5 am and then I stop it for 2 weeks, then again I start. It was indeed very tough.

(Yes, I experienced Hell!)

4.) Fourth - Travel - I love to travel and frankly, it helped me a lot. When I am out of the station, I try not to miss the sunrise. And moreover, I started going to the mountains. My mount Everest base camp trek trip that I did with Gaurav was the game-changer in my quest. We were not having a choice except to wake up at 5 am, do breakfast by 7 am and walk for like 6-8 hours in the mountains and then have dinner at 7 pm. I guess from there my mind started writing a new program for me.

(My memorable Everest base camp trek trip)
5.) Fifth - I stopped all late-night parties, late-night movies, late-night work, late-night reading etc etc. 

(No late night)

6.) Sixth - I stopped drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, cooldrink after 6 pm. I rarely smoke now. These are things that stimulate the nervous system and your body gets out of your command. And I now know that it is not good that your body is out of your control. Remember you are the master, your body, your mind is your slave. 

(no late night stimulators, infact after 6pm))

7.) Seventh - I stopped using my mobile after 7pm.   

(No phone after 7 pm)

It was not an easy journey. But I had made my mind, boiled it, and vaporized it. I strictly followed my own army rules. It was August 6, 2019 after 20 years for the first time, I slept at 9pm and woke up at 4.40 am ... 5 minutes before the alarm. 
Today, I am no more a nocturnal animal, I have no stupid excuses why I should not sleep early. 
I am no more a lazy brat. I wake up on time I learn more, I now crave for more adventure and to make more stories in my life.
I hope you will find this helpful, and share it with your friends who are facing this problem. And I will be back soon with some other topic.
Until then stay safe and take all possible precautions.