Historic Bateshwar Dham of Uttar Pradesh

Video on Bateshwar
I am not going much far from city Agra, however it is giving me sometime to re-discover nearby places. I am actually trying to play safe. Searching and going to places where it seems less crowded. This time I went to Bateshwar of Uttar pradesh which is famous for Shiva temples. I started my journey in the afternoon and the only reason for that was that I wanted to see the evening of this place.
Me myself and Balbira
As you enter the main gates of this group of temples, there are some shops. You can get all the things related to worship here.
Because of the corona pandemic, there is very less crowd here. Here shopkeepers are not much happy because of less work. I hope all get well soon.
Aerial view of Bateshwar
Let me tell you guys why the name of Bateshwar is Bateshwar. It has believed that a long time ago, Lord Shiva passed from this place and rested under a Banyan tree. Now the Banyan tree in Sanskrit is called Bat and since God (Ishwar) rested here, its name becomes Bat-Ishwar. Later as time passed, it is now called Bateshwar.
The name of this place is mentioned in matsya puran, Mahabhart, Ramayan and in Jain scriptures also.
Main temple was closed however when Sudhanshu requested from the Chief priest, he allowed us to go inside the temple. Sudhanshu knows this area well as he lives in a nearby village. This is the only place where Lord Shiva is shown with Mustache. It is also the only place in whole world where Mahadev and Goddess Parvati is called as Seth and Sethani.
There is a tradition of offering bells in the temple & every year devotees present approximately 2 million bells. It has also believed that if childless couples come here with full trust and pray before Shri Bateshwarnath, there wish also get fulfilled.
Shri Bateshwarnath Mahadev
Shri Bateshwarnath Mahadev
Bateshwar temples were built some 400 years ago by Raja Badan Singh Bhadauria of the Bhadawar dynasty. There used to be 101 temples in that era. But now only 42 are left and even from them, only 10 or 20 are left where worship happens.
Let me tell you that every year here in Bateshwar, people also celebrate the cattle fair. If you know the Pushkar camel fair, then you get the idea. Bateshwar camel fair is almost like that but not that big. Last year our Mango traveler Saurabh and Sudhanshu covered it. Please check - Cattle fair of Bateshwar
In such places where temples are at the riverbank, boats run and if you do not take this experience, then something is surely missed.
For me, it was again a lovely affair.
In the evening, I loved to see Bateshwar temples from the other side. We stayed here for a long time and did a lot of photography.
There is no fixed charge for a boat if you want to have a full ride. You have to do a lot of bargains. (we paid 100/- per person for it). But if you want to go from one side to another, you need to pay Rs. 30/- per person.
Boating is always fun
Long exposure shot
As evening fade away, we too left the place but I did not come back to Agra. I thought it would good to see the morning here.
We made the program in haste, so we stayed at Sudhanshu village in a Marriage hall. It was a funny event.
I had thought that just like Varanasi, here too in the morning there must be a lot of activities to see, but we found nothing like that. Only a few people were there and after spending a little more time, we too packed up.
Morning in bateshwar
Be careful of monkeys here
let me also tell you that Bateshwar was also the ancestral village of our former prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was sent to jail along with his brother shri Prem ji in the year 1942. The reason was that he took part in quite India movement that was started by Gandhi Ji.
And in his memory, a small memorial is built here. Unfortunately is very small.
I came to Bateshwar earlier also and I don't know why such riverside ghats and temples attract me.
In 2012 I came with my Photographers club of Agra and in 2019 with Artists of 70 countries. They did live watercolor painting here and in Agra. It was enriching to be with them.
Bateshwar reminds me of Varanasi, though Bateshwar is at Yamuna riverbank and Varanasi is at Ganga riverbank
In Varanasi, people burn dead bodies at Harishchandra and Manikarnika ghat according to the Hindu religion, and here in Bateshwar till 2016, it used to happen like this. Today the site is shifted a little far from all the temples.
The common thing here is that various kingdoms in India built ghats and temples in Varanasi & Bateshwar.
Comparatively, ghats of Bateshwar are quiet.
Every year Varanasi celebrates Dev Diwali and here too from last year, the same get honored. Check video links - 
Dev Diwali in Vararanasi
Dev Diwali in Bateshwar
Varanasi is given the title of Subahe-e-Banaras as morning here is stunning. Bateshwar evening is heavenly. When the white-colored temples get sunbath in the evening, it looks extraordinary.
Dev Diwali in Bateshwar
If you want to stay at a fine place, then I will suggest you stay at the Chambal safari lodge and that is at Bah. When you rest here, you get a wonderful experience of Chambal safari, Bird photography, and Bateshwar. (three in one)
Chambal Safari lodge
Right time to come here is in winter. That is from late October till March
1.) By Flight - Nearest airport is in Agra
2.) By Train - Nearest railway station in Bateshwar
3.) By Bus - Nearest Bus station is at Agra. Bus will drop you at Bah. From there you have to take taxi. Bah is just 10 km from Bateshwar.
I hope you like the Blog and Video, will come back with some other destination very soon. Until then, have a wonderful time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions while traveling.