Explore the stunning waterfall in Rajasthan Damoh waterfall

Video of Bateshwar

A few activities I had started in my life, and recently I went to see a waterfall with my friends and brothers of the Photographers club of Agra.
When I made the program, only Puru was ready, then Saurabh got ready, then Sudhanshu, Harvijay sir, Bilal, Siddhartha, Kuldip, Harry, Shivam, Maulik. The full platoon got ready and that too in just 6 hours before leaving.

A trip of 2, converted into 10
It is tough to take sedan type of cars here, so I planned to go to this place with my Balbira.(Royal Enfield - Thunderbird), OR you can also come with SUV type of cars whose ground clearance is good enough. Harvijay sir, took his Scorpio.
This time let me take you to Damoh waterfall.

With my Balbira (Thunderbird 500)
We started our trip around 4 am, and after traveling 100 km we took our first stop to have tea.
The second stop we wanted to take directly at the falls but, we were late. So the second stop we took in the village just before the waterfall. There is a small pond here, and we found thousands of Lotus flower blooming there. It was so gorgeous. Our drony Singh Maulik took his first flight here only.

Maulik first flight
Just after crossing the village, the path becomes quite adventurous. It was rocky, deserted, there was nobody except our convoy. Dacoits in Hindi film used to live in such an area. Am I right?

Into the wild

You will be surprised to know that the water of Damoh waterfall, did not come from any river. Since this place is rocky, so in monsoons, water gets gathered here and when rains get heavy, it flows like a small stream and becomes a waterfall.
But before you reach the fall, the water flows like this.
Moss grows here and hence the path is quite slippery that makes it kind of risky. I slipped here on our return back. That clip I will show you in the end.

Water that makes this falls
Anyway, after crossing this small stream, the way to the waterfall comes, though it was the wrong location and Bilal helped us a lot to reach the right site.
After reaching the right spot. It was time to do a small down-trek. We saw the fall from there and all of us were quite excited.
This path can stir your memories and make you remember treks of any mountains. I miss going to the mountains.

A small trek
This waterfall falls from a semi-circular red stones hills and as we went downwards, the texture of it made all of the wonders and surprised.
Damoh waterfall

Let me give you a suggestion that, apart from this trek, please do not think to explore anything else here & do not to come here at night. This is a very dense Jungle
A lot of time it happens that some places are so beautiful, so raw that they can silent your mind. It happened with me when I reached near the fall.For time being, My mind was stopped. And when it came back, I found myself very much light. The sound of falls was music for my ears.
All my younger brothers already jumped in the lake and their fun was started.

Carefree age


I will strictly say here that do not go in the middle of the lake. Local people already warn us about this. Nobody knows how deep it is.
I tried to do slow shutter speed photography. It was arduous to set my camera in the middle of this water. But somehow, I took a few shots. I used Nisi ND 10 filter here.

Slow shutter drama
After spending a few more time, everybody went to the middle of the falls. My heart was in my mouth until they came back. Because this is a very slippery place and many people died here. Once again I will say, please be extra careful here. If you have life, you have the world.
When I asked about the experience of being at the bottom of this fall. They told me, it was like somebody throwing water stones on them. And why not, the waterfall is falling from some 150-250 feet height.
At the same time, they said, they enjoyed it a lot. And they should be. In such humid hot weather, taking a cold bath at such location, it must be heaven.

Beneath the falls
Damoh waterfall
How our 3 hours spend, we did not know. It was our time to go back and which means we need to trek upwards. Which was kind of difficult, just because of the humidity and the sun started dancing on our head.
Damoh waterfall

We came here in our vehicles, the best is if you come here by motorcycle or by SUV kind of car. This place is just 10km from Sirmathura. And you can check its direction from google maps.
Sirmathura is roughly 120km from Agra and Gwalior.
If you are coming from other cities...
1.) By flight - Nearest airport is at Gwalior. From there you need to take a taxi or motorcycle for this place.
Let me suggest that you should make only two cities as your base when you think of travel to this place. The first is Agra and the second is Gwalior.
2.) By train and bus - So the nearest railway or bus station is at Agra and Gwalior. From here you can get a taxi or motorcycle easily.
Because this is rainwater falls, so the best time to come here is between August to mid-September only.
I hope you like the video & this blog. I will come back again with some new destinations. Until then have a wonderful time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions while traveling.