Explore Mini-Switzerland of India in Winters with me - Lets see Khajjiar

Video on Khajjiar
Khajjiar is just 22 km from Chamba and the best time to visit here is from April to June. But since I had already been here in April season in the year 2017, this time the plan was to see it in winters.
Khajjiar in winters (January 2020)
About Khajjiar
Khajjiar was bestowed with the title of mini Switzerland in 1992 by Mr. Willy T Blaze, Vice Counsellor and Head Chancery of Switzerland in India.  It means that it is one of the 160 places in the world which bear tropical resemblances to Switzerland.
If you still haven't heard of Khajjiar, then let me show you the map. Khajjiar is tucked away in one of  Himachal's  northernmost fringes of Dhauladhar circuit.
Many tourists are not aware of it and usually the crowd always heads towards the well-known Shimla Kullu Manali route.
But if you want something different, you can come here in the tourist season or if you are into some kind of adventure then visit in the winters. And the route which is sure shot open in winters is via Chamba. The Dalhousie-Khajjiar road is closed most of the time in winters because of excessive snowfall.
Khajjiar in April 2017
My experience
Gaurav and I started our trip at around 10.30 am (January 14, 2020) and by midway we were totally engulfed in clouds . We were unable to see any landscapes but that  was fine as it was still captivating, and the temperature had started dropping rapidly.
There are some occasional rains in this terrain even in winters, and hence roads seem risky and at many places there were landslides. Be careful if you are driving with your own vehicle.
The first glimpse of mountains covered with fresh snow as a matter of fact melted my heart and I fell in love with it instantly. Soon we started seeing snow all around us and at that time I got concerned about the black ice. You know the ice with which gets frozen on road. What if our car slipped. I had no experience so far driving in such conditions.
So we seek advice  from the locals and they boosted our morale to go ahead, just don't use brakes and that means that we needed to drive slowly.
First view of snow
There is an entrance fee here if you are coming by your own vehicle and they charge Rs. 100/-. After we crossed the Kalatop Khajjiar wild life sanctuary, the real view of snow started. Let me enlighten you guys, I had never seen snow in my life. It was my first time so you can understand how the kid in me was jumping up and down and how much I was in state of  'awe'. It can't be described in words.
Gates of Kala-top khajjiar wildlife sanctuary
The kid in me
We finally reached Khajjiar and at that time the temperature was -2 degrees.
Once a meadow which is always surrounded by Deodar trees, now seemed like sleeping with the whitest blanket. There was no sun of course, and the clouds were crossing the territory like some nomads and having brief affair with the greens.
It was mystical.
What to do here in winters
Snow shoes - First thing first, I'll suggest you is to rent snow shoes. People give them on rent. Have it, it also help to build their economy. Snow is bound to get in your shoes even if you use the snow shoes. But at least you will enjoy the trip without bothering about your own shoes getting wet.
Snow shoes
Horse ride - You might get surprised but you can do horse ride even in this season. They just charge around Rs. 500/- for the full circle of Khajjiar. If you wish you can do it.
Horse ride
Tubing activity - Tubing activity is here. Just unleash the kid in you. It is kind of a small ride but you won't regret it.
Tubing activity
Photographs with rabbits - Local kids bring some cute rabbits with them. You can have photograph with them. Of course you need to pay for it and bargain as much as you can. These little kids looks so innocent but they are cute little devils.
Photograph with rabbits
Photograph with rabbits
Hotels and restaurants - Everything was almost closed. But the road side dhabas are open, so you don't need to worry. The rats jumping in your tummy can be quenched with maggie, tea or fried rice and noodles.
Maggie :D
Just sit near the lake. Enjoy the view - But don't try to jump on it or you will be fined for Rs. 500/-, as this is not just an ordinary lake. It belongs to the god of snakes and you can also find his temples somewhere in between the hotels. It is closed in winters though.
Lake at Khajjiar
Lake at Khajjiar
Lake at Khajjiar
Khajji nag temple
A small trek - We did a small trek here. The fact is, it was not needed but just to satisfy the bug in it we did. I hope you guys know where this bug reside in human body.
During trek
After making lot of video clips, photos and throwing snowballs on each other , finally we ended our day here.
Without this how can this trip can end :D
Khajjiar ground. Very less tourist come in this time. These are local people from Chamba
However, on the way we both saw an amazing talented boy who was rolling down the hill on his home made skates. It was incredible seeing him like this.
We came back to Chamba were we again had wonderful time with Amit bhaiya by having bonfire and cooking our own food.
Amazing boy
A sincere request - Please do not litter here and there. I saw a lot of plastic bottles, empty chips packets, even drinks bottles at the ground. It is our moral duty to stop other people from doing it, even if it is our friends and family.
Please don't do this... :(
How to reach Khajjiar in winters
In winters you can only access this place via Chamba. All other routes get closed.
So this is all about Khajjiar. Will be back with another travel location very soon.
Also would like to request you guys to check out the video which I had made for this place. Please subscribe the channel on YouTube and I will keep coming back with more travel locations. For now stay at home and stay blessed.
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