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So if you asked me what is my favorite place in Kathmandue, I would straight away say - It's Bhaktapur and the main reason behind is the eople living here and the vibes I got.  People seems always happy and smiling and having warm hearts. Frankly they are rich soulwise. 
(entrance of Bhaktapur)
This place also suffered from the monstrous earthquake in 2015, so many people died and so many haritage were completely damaged and here you can still see the kind of destruction happened. I say Nepalis are very strong people in the world. They survived it, though there is still a wound in their heart.
It took us almost 45 minutes to reach at Bhaktapur from main city of Kathmandu and my mouth remained open for a while when I first saw the glimps of it. It is that beautiful.
(entrance of Bhaktapur)
However, old buildings walls has so many crack after the earthquake and are supported by wooden logs. Some temples are fully damaged but workers and artist here are trying to reconstruct them. Work here is still in progress (as on April 2019)
(damaged buildings)
(damaged buildings)
(damaged buildings)
Bhaktapur was once the largest amaong the 3 kingdomes in Nepal and it was also the capital of it until 15th centuary A.D. 
Bhaktapur darbar square is a group of Pagoda style temples and building dedicated to Hindus Goddess and Gods. It can give you a feel of living museum and architecture here can take your breath away. The most striking architecture here is Nyatapola temple. It's a 5 storied temple and is dedicated to Laxmi - Hindu Goddess of prosperity. 
(Darbar Square)
(Nayatapola temple)
At King's place, only Hindus are allowed to go inside the temple and no photography is allowed there.
Streets of Bhaktapur are equally wonderful. There are thousands of shops selling countless varieties of traditional art and painting and among them pottery is one fo the major crafts. So I too headed towards pottery square where I saw these artist making beautiful pieces out from mud. Yes and you can even have a crash course on it :D
(Entrance for Kings palace)
(Streets and market of Bhaktapur)

(Pottery square)
(Artist of pottery square)

(Artist of pottery square)

(Artist of pottery square)

(crash course on pottery)

(crash course on pottery)
People here are religious and there are hundres of temple in streets of it and I guess thats why this place is named as Bhaktapur which means city of devotees.

(Bhaktapur's resident)

(Bhaktapur's resident)

(Bhaktapur's residents)
Talking about food here, one thing I will suggest to have here is Yogurt. They call it JUJU DHAU. Nowhere in Nepal you can have taste of curd like the way they make and ofcourse some fancy fast food like Alucha and home made ice cream they call it "Kulfi"

(Juju dhau)


(home made kulfi)
There are many hotels of every budget, so I will also suggest to stay here for couple of days. Bhaktapur won't disappoint you.


(Lovely smiling people of Bhaktapur)
1.) How to reach Kathmandu
Kathmandu have its own Interenational Airport - Tribhuvan international airport. 
2.) Best time to Visit
October to April
3.) Best way to see Kathmandu
Taxi, local buses, but the best one is to hire a scootie
4.) Sites to see in Kathmandu 
a) Stay at Thamel
b) Pashupatinath temple
c) Swayambhunath stupa
d) Boudhnath
e) Bhaktapur
f) Patan

So this was all about Bhaktapur, see you in my next blog for Patan. If you liked the video, than please subscribe the channel and if you have any query, feel free to contact me anytime :)