All about Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary

Video on Tal chappar
Morning at Khimsar was superb (please check previous BLOG / VIDEO), and with the fresh mood, we started our journey for Tal Chappar. It took us roughly 3 hours to reach here even though we oped a longer route so we can see some interiors of Rajasthan and we enjoyed those empty roads with desert on both sides. The sight of chinkaras also kept us busy.
We had booked Raptors Inn for stay at Tal chappar. Its a guest house with all facilities. A homely environment with fresh and delicious food. After having lunch, we straight away went to the gates of Tal chappar. Mr. Atul, the owner of Raptors Inn has a gypsy which, we hired along with the driver who was also our guide for this place.
There is an entrance fee here at the gates and for three of us Rs. 165/- and for our gypsy car 220/- was charged.

Raptors Inn Guesthouse



Gates of Tal Chappar

Entry fee
Now let me tell you about Tal chappar. Well, I feel birds lovers and wildlife photographers must know this place. However, if you never heard about it or yet not visited here so far, you will be my best audience.
Tal chappar sanctuary is at Churu district of Rajasthan, well known for its Blackbucks. I feel they are the most handsome antelopes and were classified in "near threatened" species and hence protected under wildlife protection.
Along with, there are chinkaras, desert fox, wild boar, blue bull aka Neal Gaye, and this place is now getting famous for serious bird lovers. 
We could not see much variety of them as we came here in March, which is a kind of season when most of the migratory birds fly away.
However, we still found some and clicked some shots of them.




Blue bull 
Day 1
Honestly, I was stunned by seeing the vast land and lot and lots of chinkaras and blackbucks. Where on Earth you spot them in such numbers, and they roam freely without any fear.
I also got a few action shots of two fighting birds. It was a thrilling moment by seeing the law of the Jungle. 
After making lots of photos and video clips, and with delicious home-cooked local food dishes in dinner, we ended our Day 1.

Vast land of Tal Chappar



Variety of Birds
Gates of Tal Chappar sanctuary open at 7 am but, on requesting them, we came here around 6.30 am and saw a spectacular sunrise. 
March is the mating season of these antelope, and we got some fantastic pictures and video clips of male blackbuck who was trying his best to attract the female counterpart.
We were not lucky to see birds, but the sight of wild boars, wild rabbit, chinkaras, and blackbucks kept us busy.

Morning at Tal Chappar

Wild boars
After spending three hours, we went back to our guest house, had our breakfast, and again got ready. This time we went to see another part of this small town called Gaushala, where we got lucky to see a species of lizard. Local people call it SANDA. And we found thousands of them.

Sanda :D
Later in the evening, we again went for our 3rd safari and luckily found a desert fox. It was a wonderful time spent with two oldies who are just 18 years from their heart.
It was my last evening outside Agra before coronavirus broke down in India.

Indian Desert fox


My last evening outside Agra
On 15th March morning, we all set back to Agra. Not knowing what future is going to be.
On 18th March, I was with my friends when we all got to know there going to be a single day lockdown on 20th March, that however, extended till 31st May 2020.
Since there is no vaccine developed, we have to learn with this virus. Covid-19 has claimed to be a pandemic disease by WHO, and our world that I know before was gone...
However, I still have high hopes, and I trust in this existence, Maybe this all happened to teach us something, I believe we learned that hidden msg. 
I pay my tribute to all the COVID-19 warriors who, doing their best to stop it, to control it.
I hope I will come back with another destination very soon.
Until then, stay safe and take all possible precautions.
1.) By Flight - Jaipur airport is the nearest airport to Tal chappar sanctuary about 215 km away.
2.) By Bus - This small town is well connected with buses from all significant cities of Rajasthan.
3.) By Train - Chappar is the nearest railway station to Tal chappar sanctuary and is located in the Degana-Churu-rewari line.