A short trip to historical Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena (Ekattarso Mahadev temple)

After Bateshwar, we went to Chausat yogini temple, which is in Village Mitawali and is just 4-5 km. To see my blog on Bateshwar group of temples. Please check this - BATESHWARA
There is no ticket to enter this temple, though this temple too is under protection of ASI.
To reach the temple, you need to climb roughly 100 stairs.
Entrance of this temple
Entrance of this temple (no ticket is charged)
100 stairs to climb
Chausath yogini temple
This marvelous temple is approx 30 km away from the city Morena.
King Devpala, in the year 1323 CE, built it.
In this temple, there are 64 small temples and in all Shivlings are placed, and this is why local people call it Ekattarso Mahadev mandir.
But when more research has done, it was found that there were 64 idols of Yoginis. And hence it is also called Chausat yogini temple.
These yoginis serve Goddess Durga, and it believed that these have her blessings. It also said that these Yoginis have connected with the old tradition of Yoga.
64 small chambers inside temple
Maa durga yoginis
Inside temple
There are only Four such temples in India. Two in State Odisha and Two in Madhya Pradesh.
This temple was build in a circular form, and this makes all the difference. And because of this architecture, it was never shattered by earthquakes.
Maybe this is the reason that it considered that our Indian parliament had copied this design.
Indian parliament and Chausath Yogini temple design
There are a lot of other things for this temple, like it believes that it was a University where students have taught Maths, Astrology, and Spirituality. It has also considered as the place where people used to do black magic and Tantra.
There is a small pavilion in the center of this temple that is again in a  circular form, and here too, there is a Shivling. But since this place is under the control of the ASI department hence, nobody can worship here.
Inside Chausath Yogini temple
There are many Hindu Gods and Goddess idols on the outside wall of this temple, and one more thing which makes this temple separate from others is its rainwater harvesting engineering.
Outside walls of the temple
Rain water harvesting
After Bateshwar, when we both came here, again we were surprised to see this Marvel.
How intelligent they must be who made such a design on a hilltop that cannot be destroyed by earthquakes, and rainwater harvesting engineering took our breath away.
The best point is, just like Bateshwar, here too few people came.
Small, but beautiful place
And when I had told you about Tantra and black magic of this place, then let me tell you that my drone got out of control when I was flying it inside the temple. It seems that somebody has thrown it away. You can see how much damage happens!
When my drone went out of my control
Damage happened to it
Anyway, this is a small place, but it is fascinating. Whenever you come to Agra or Gwalior, I suggest you all visit it. 
Right now, there is no ticket charged for it.
Our trip was over for today, but we stopped at Pillua dam that came on our way.
This dam has built on the Sankh river that is a tributary to the Asan river. It is a lovely place.
Evening at Pillua dam
We both came here in our car, and surprisingly this place is shown on google maps. Chausat Yogini temple is just 4 km ahead from Bateshwar temples, that means,  Bateshwar would come first, and then this temple.
If you are coming from some other city, then you can see both places in a single day.
1.) By flight - Nearest airport is at Gwalior. From there, you need to take a taxi or a private car.
2.) By Train -  Nearest railway station is at Morena that is roughly 35 km away from Bateshwar temples
3.) By Bus - Nearest bus station is also at Morena, but you still need a private taxi or car to reach here.
I'll be back with some new destinations very soon. In the meanwhile, have a wonderful time, stay safe, and take all possible precautions while traveling.