4 off-beat locations near Agra which you may not know

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We the adventure team of Agra love to travel on roads which are less traveled and in this blog I am going to take you to some more offbeat locations near Agra.
This time we went to see Bandh Baretha which was built in the year 1897 by Maharaja Ram Singh. It is basically a dam but a wonderful place to spend some quality. Away from the city hustle bustle, one can find peace here.
It is also a bird watchers' paradise and I guess many bird photographers must know about it.

Google map to reach band baretha (we were coming from patsal)

(band baretha)
VILLAGE KOT (Jharna Parua)
We spent some quality time here and then moved on to our next location which lies near Tantpur and called Village Kot.
Frankly not easy to reach here. One surely needs a 4x4 vehicle or atleast Royal enfield kind of bike.
The place we went is called Jharna Parua by the locals. What you find here is a Shiva Temple somewhere deep in Jungle. This temple is built for some cause, may be water was the problem for this village in past. We do know yet. But, from the hills which cover the area of temple, water constantly flow. Villagers who were with us, do not know the exact reason. But they confirmed that water comes to this place irrespective of the season, 365 days. Locals also take bath here and drink this water and they believe it to be mystical in many senses.
A small temple of some Sidh baba was also made nearby and history of him was also not fully known.
One this I must say here that, this is really a wonderful place, full of positivism. We sat here again for some time and I fell into deep meditation. It was refreshing.

Google map for Village kot (from band baretha)

yes, we crossed this :O

Somewhere deep in Jungle
way for the Shiva temple, Jharna parua
View from the roof of temple

Adventure team of Agra
Sidh baba temple
But again, we need to go to the other location which is called Bari which is also very near to Dholpur. There is a lake here called Talab Shahi and a Khanpur mahal which is now a headquarter of Police. It was built by Shahjahan. Nothing much I can tell you right now as we were just passing from this place. But one thing I must tell you here that the red stone of Agra fort was bought from Bari.
Bari - Jhanpur mahal
Kids enjoying at Talab shahi - Bari

Talab shahi - Bari
We moved further towards Van Vihar of Dholpur and found the most Exotic location of the day. It is called Saat Kiyariya.
It is difficult to locate the exact location of this place but I tried my best here. If you are coming from Dholpur which I will suggest. First locate Van Vihar hunting lodge on google maps. From there move forward for like 5-10 km and you going to see 2 pillars on your left side which lead to the location.
On the way towards Saath kiyariya
Van vihar hunting lodge
Map to come here
the two pillars that you need to notice
But since we were coming from Bari, so here is the map for the same, which also lead to these 2 pillars location.
If you are coming from Bari
If you are coming from Bari - 2
If you are coming from Bari - 3
Now enter the pillar gate and follow the map as I am showing you here. It is all off road, again 4x4 vehicle or royal enfield kind bike can reach here. Come in day time only, since wild animals live here. Do not dare to come in evening time.
Now enter the pillar gate
follow this map
Saath Kiyari

that's how it looks like when you driving on this place
oh yes, there is a board also
So what is there in this place. We found a big face made of rocks and bricks as you see in the pic, probably some tribe used to live here and they made it. And behind it there is a Shri Hanuman temple (a priest is also appointed). A pool kind of thing we noticed just beneath the face. When I looked back from where we came, I found the entrance to this place is in form of mouth which is opened and tongue as stairs. Strangest place it is, with a mixture of temple, unknown architecture, this place surely blown my mind away.
The mysterious face
The entrance in form of mouth
History is again very much unknown to the locals. However, one aged fellow told us that this place was blessed by some Sidh baba as he did his meditation and enlightened here. People who live nearby area where fed up of the water problem, and so he blessed this particular place by making 7 flower bed and out of nowhere water start coming out. When this miracle happened, nobody knows (according to villagers it could be centuries or even a millennium ago incident) and that is why this place is called Saath Kiyariya.
Just beneath the rocky face

Another interesting story we got to know from one more local that they also believe that here water is magical and whoever drink it and take bath here especially the couple who are having problem in giving birth. This water can solve their problem. Again I personally not saying anything. These are not facts, just myth, may be true and may be not. It is the matter trust and devotion I feel.
However, few question remains like why this face was made? why such entrance was given? and nobody was able to give any answer!
We the Adventure team of Agra
So this is all about today's offbeat locations. Will be back with something new very soon.
I hope you guys too someday visit to these places.
How to reach here
Prefer your own vehicle or taxi. Both must be 4x4 for these places.
Best time to visit
Just like any city in Northern India, best time is winters and that is from October to March.
Place to stay?
These places i feel must be visited in day time only. However, only in Bari and nearby resort of band baretha you can stay.
Also would like to request you guys to check video which I had made for this place. Please subscribe the channel on YouTube and I will be back with some more offbeat locations near Agra very soon. Stay tuned. For now stay at home and stay blessed.